Week 29 Recap: Less Knowledge

Podcasts are such an interesting source of communication. It is very similar to radio, but we are not bound to certain stations based on location. We can choose from a wide array of topics or subject matters. The struggle tends to relate to the decision of which podcast to listen to first. With so much good content out there it can be a struggle to select what is best. We did not have to endure that struggle last week as we went without podcasts altogether.

As we mentioned in the previous post, Bethany is not a huge podcast listener. She picks a random one to listen to every now and again, but definitely doesn’t have any she keeps up with. This past week was not really a struggle except for one thing: someone sent her a podcast to listen to! Of all weeks! So she had to wait until the weekend to find out what it was about and gain some new knowledge. Other than that, it was pretty much a normal week for Bethany.

Joshua definitely missed podcasts this week. He enjoys the opportunity to learn new things and be entertained during his commutes to and from work. The benefit for him from going without podcasts this week was that he had more time to listen to some music in preparation for our  church choir relaunch this past Sunday.

He was also able to use his commute to listen to audiobooks. He recently found Libby, an app that lets the user download free audiobooks from their local library. The only thing you need is a free account in the app and a library card.

He completed a full book, “This Is Marketing,” by Seth Godin in just over a week. This week without podcasts may have been the catalyst Joshua needed to find a way to consume more books throughout the year.

We both enjoy podcasts to varying degrees. Joshua prefers the longer, humorous or thought-provoking shows while Bethany prefers quick, lifestyle, and focused discussion podcasts.

Going without podcasts this week really helped us see that there are so many ways we can learn and grow during our free time. We challenge you to read, listen, and talk. Ideas are all around us. Have some of your own, but also take time to hear from others.

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