Week 19: No One Has Been Sleeping In My Bed


Several weeks ago we gave up the use of our pillows for one week. The first few days were brutal, but by the end of the week we had learned a lot about proper sleeping form. We purchased new pillows and we have been sleeping better ever since. But now we have decided to stir the pot once again. We must be gluttons for punishment because we are giving up our bed this week. No, you didn’t misread that.

Last night was spent on the couch. It was like one of those great sleepovers where you hangout with friends watching movies and eating junk food and you don’t worry about where you have to sleep or how comfortable it is. Honestly, you hope you don’t fall asleep and give your “friends” the opportunity to draw all over your face. So it was like that, but in the morning we had to wake up and get ready for work.

I don’t want to spoil things too soon and share how the quality of sleep was, but I will share some of our expectations, assumptions, and goals for this week.

We are not allowed to use our bed all week. That means sleeping bags, couches, hammocks, and the floor are all viable sleeping options. No air mattress even though we do have one. We plan to try a few different sleeping arrangements throughout the week to see which works best.

At the very least we hope this week gives us a greater appreciation for our wonderful bed. We hope this entire year makes us more thankful for the small things in our lives. We also want to know if sleeping on the couch, floor, or hammock actually works. Is it possible to get a decent quantity of sleep? How is the quality of sleep in these makeshift “beds”? We hope to discover.

Several articles give mixed reviews for sleeping on the floor. Some say it is great for your body because this is the way our ancestors slept. Others say it is bad for your body because it forces your spine out of alignment leaving you stiff and sore during the day. We will have to find out for ourselves how this debate plays out through self-administered tests.

Side note, we are hoping to sleep one night in our hammocks, but the weather is supposed to be rainy and gross all week. Not sure it will work out, but if it does we are sure there will be stories to share. We will fill you in during our follow-up post with all the deets from our bedless week.

Please let us know if you have any recommendations on how to make things more comfortable as we sleep. The blanket fort will most definitely be amazing, but will we be able to sleep through the night? We will see.

Please feel free to pray for us and join us this week. Be a little adventurous in your life! What is one “essential” thing that you think you could give up if you had to? If you see us throughout the week and we seem a little crankier than normal, please show grace and understand that we are professional couch surfers this week.

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