Week 17 Reviewed: How Did We Do? We Should Google It

Wow. We find these weeks getting more and more challenging as we go throughout this year-long challenge. The further we get into our #52weekswithout challenge the more we have to face some tough facts. This week? We found that we rely on Google search a little too much.

We have not kept count, but we estimate that we use Google search upwards of 75 times per day between the two of us. This includes random searches, definitions of words, searches related to work or business projects, looking at cast lists and filmographies, and much much more. 75 Google searches per day may not sound like a huge number until you start to consider what we would do without this tool.

What did mankind do before Google? They actually had to check directories, magazines, encyclopedias, or engage in conversation with other humans. This week, we tried to do the same. There were several times Joshua had to ask a co-worker for some information instead of spending time on Google. But there were also times when neither the people we knew nor the knowledge banks we had access to could answer our questions. And for those times we simply went without the answer until we either forgot or we saved the query for the week after this challenge.

What would we do if we lost access to Google search and similar search engines forever? Would we be satisfied with the things we know now and the people we know sharing their wisdom with us? Truthfully we don’t want to imagine this possibility. And we do not want you to think for a moment that we are advocating a life without access to the internet and the vast online data-bank of knowledge.

But what if that wasn’t our first response to an unknown thought? What would happen if we asked a human for the answer before turning to the online black hole of wisdom? We may still end up finding the answers online, but we believe this could be one positive step toward solving the communication issues we see popping up all throughout our societies.

How terrible would life really be if we couldn’t answer every question our minds could conceive instantly? Honestly we don’t know the answer. But we can speak to how our lives were this week.

There was something almost relieving in disconnecting from Google search. It put a little bit of pressure on us to find the answers through alternative avenues including our network of friends and family. Bethany utilized Pinterest for several searches, and Amazon to find the name of an author. But at the end of the day, if we were unable to find the answers, we had to be content to live without.

All in all, the week was very productive. It reminded us of the wealth of knowledge we have all around us in our books, in the minds of our closest friends, and in the conversations that we may miss out on. It was definitely a reminder to take a breath before we dive right into the never-ending abyss of knowledge that is Google search.

We both did very well abstaining from the search this week. Joshua did use it a few times at work. He did his best to limit the usage, but there were certain things he was tasked to research that his colleagues were able to contribute toward. He kept it minimal all week. Aside from first thing Sunday morning, Bethany abstained from Googling all week.

In the week ahead we look forward to using Google search in conjunction with the litany of resources we have on hand. Feel free to share your thoughts. Do you think you could survive a week without Google?

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