Week 17: Life Without Google Search

Could you imagine a world where you had access to all of the knowledge from all of the people that lived before you? All you had to do was think of a question and you would be able to find some kind of answer. It shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine because that is the world we live in. But what if it all went away?

We are going to attempt to experience life without Google Search this week. We do not fully realize how often we use Google Search in our daily lives. Sometimes it is so bad, we use the search function to find a website for which we know the full url. But it is easier to type, “amaz” and hit enter then it is to type “amazon.com.”

This week we are going to fight the urge to type partial urls. We are going to use other sources, like humans, to figure out what movie that actor has been in. We will look for books, magazines, etc to find answers to the random questions that pop into our heads.

Please know that we do not think Google Search is a bad thing. But we have found that it making us lazier in certain areas of our lives. It is nice to use when we have no idea where to look for the answer to our questions. But we shouldn’t feel bothered when we have to type out the full web address for a website that hasn’t been saved to our favorites.

To clarify, we are giving up the Google Search function. The reason we differentiate is because we still use other Google products like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Maps, and more. These are tools that serve a more specific purpose. The search option could help us make a brilliant new discovery or look at pictures of puppies for hours on end. It is a little more dangerous.

Additionally, Joshua will most likely be using it while he is at work. He is going to do his best to limit the searches he is doing throughout the day. He is only allowed to use the search function for work related research and discovery.

We are posting this blog a bit later than normal so we can give you an intro to how this week is going: we are already struggling. Bethany used it as soon as she woke up Sunday morning! We didn’t realize how often we pull out our phones to quickly Google a question or research a random thought. While that can be beneficial at times, it can also distract us from living presently. Additionally, it makes us wonder what life would truly be like without the Google Search resource. Would we spend more time reading or talking to others to learn as much as possible? Hopefully this week will tell us more.

Thank you for following along during this journey. Your support, questions, ideas, and comments are an encouragement.

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