Week 16: Removing Essential Daily Tools

Anyone that knows Joshua knows how much he enjoys carrying a pocket knife. He loves talking about them, researching them, and carrying one on a daily basis. He even nerds out so much that he digs into the makers themselves and the things that inspired them to create specific designs. The entire functionality and mechanics of the pocket knife absolutely fascinate him.

His love of pocket knives has rubbed off on Bethany as well. Through years of discussion and tutelage she has began carrying a knife with her everywhere she goes. We have found our knives to be incredibly useful in a variety of daily tasks. We would even go so far as to say that a knife has become an essential in our daily carry, along with our wallets, phones, and keys. But this week we are giving up this particular EDC item.

Today was our first day without them and our pockets have felt so empty. Removing such a common item has definitely left a void. To be honest we, but especially Joshua, already dislike this challenge.

So why are we doing it? We both (from here on read: especially Joshua) believe that a folding pocket knife is an essential every day carry tool. Many people survive without them. We don’t know how, but they claim this to be true. We want to see if we can make it through the whole week without these tools.

We also know that we claim to use our knives frequently and purposefully. This will also test that claim. Many have accused us (mainly Joshua) of just carrying a knife for fun without actually using them. We hope this week will show the value of carrying a knife for the occasional daily task.

But that’s not all. To jazz this week up even more we are also giving up our kitchen knives. We are giving up all knives this week. Last week was tough enough. This week is looking like it will be even more difficult.

For clarification, we are allowing scissors in our lives. We have already used our scissors more times in one day than we have the entire past month. Meal preparation and such may prove to be quite a challenge. You try slicing up an entire chicken with naught but a pair of scissors as your cutting tools.

But we are determined to finish the week strong, if only to prove the value and importance of carrying a pocket knife. Check in next week to see how we fare.

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