Week 14: No Facebook

We are giving up Facebook. A few months ago this would have been really difficult. Now we aren’t so sure it will really be that challenging for us.

There are three reasons this week has the potential to be a challenge; but both of these are really only issues for the female half of our adventure team (we will explain why in a bit). First of all, Bethany is both a leader in an online group of over 1000 young women and has to be a presence. It will be tough to be away from those girls she is able to encourage and share truth with. There are several other leaders who are awesome and very present, and Bethany has made them aware that she will be off the grid for the week.

Secondly, Bethany runs a Facebook page for her blog. She loves  the opportunities she has to share truth and have open discussions with several friends across the US. Bethany is hoping to set up posts in advance that will “officially” be posted for her weekly #MindfulMonday post as well as the weekly blog post.

The third reason this week may be challenging is because we are going out of state for our anniversary! We celebrated two years of marriage almost a month ago but things were really crazy at that time and we decided to schedule our trip for April. We don’t mind though! We enjoy hiking, biking, and in general, spending time outside. We are excited that it is finally warming up. The warmer temperatures and clear days should make our trip even more enjoyable.  

When we travel it can be really fun to “check in” or post about where we are or what we are doing. This week, that is off limits. All of our adventures will either never be posted or shared at a later date.

This last potential reason for this week to be a struggle may actually prove to be the opposite. Intentionally avoiding Facebook this week may help us enjoy our time away; whereas if we had not made this decision, we may have been easily distracted and enjoying our time off may have been a struggle! We are excited for the opportunity to avoid distraction or the desire to update everyone about our lunch plans. We can simply enjoy the moments and live presently.

None of the above is much of a concern for Joshua. He is hardly on Facebook at all these days. Instagram is his preference. He can scroll knife pictures for as long as his heart desires, as well as find puppy videos to share with Bethany, amidst squeals. Every few days he’ll check Facebook just to check notifications, but he has learned that there is more to live for than keeping up with other people’s lives, sales pitches, and memes. (Just kidding, we both love memes. Don’t ever stop posting them, Caroline.) This week probably won’t be much of a struggle for him, but we’ve been wrong about this before.

Neither of us have had Facebook on our phone for some time. While Joshua has known this for a while, Bethany is just now recognizing, since deleting the app from her phone a few weeks ago, how much time and head-space was wasted when Facebook was so easily accessible. It took no thought at all to pull out her phone, tap the icon, and mindlessly scroll. But with mindless scrolling came discontent, comparison, jealousy, and even anxiety. It affects us more than we realize.

Life has been better since deleting the app and only being able to access Facebook via laptop. We are excited for this week to have a real detox, live fully present, and enjoy our time far away from the media’s agenda, multi-level marketing, and other major distractions.

The only exception this week relates to Joshua and his work. Part of his role involves him posting to his company’s social media accounts. He is able to use Hubspot to build and schedule the social media messages, but occasionally he jumps on the company page to interact with people, answer questions, and make sure things are posting correctly. As this relates to his job it will be allowed. He can access the company page only during work hours. But that is the only caveat for this week.

Have you done a Facebook detox? Have you considered going without Facebook completely? What do you think would happen to our society if we all stopped using Facebook, or even all social media? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

One thought

  1. I love the idea of going without Facebook. I know I did over the summer when we were on a cruise and it’s absolutely wonderful to just enjoy the moment without the social media. I would love to do it more often because I feel like it eats up a lot of enjoyable life moments otherwise


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