Week 12 Follow-Up: Free Time Without Games

Another week down. This week we learned that we actually really enjoy playing games.

Neither one of us would classify ourselves a a video games person. Bethany is pretty amazing at Mario Kart on the Gamecube and Joshua has always been a fan of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, on the Nintendo 64. But these games go back to our time in middle school.

We played our fair share of board games and card games growing up. We also dabbled in the world of mobile games for a time. In fact, one of us may have been slightly addicted to Candy Crush at one point. But we just never really got into video games or game systems.

So if you had asked us how difficult we thought the week would be, we would have admitted that we thought the week was going to be pretty easy. It definitely was not the worst week of our lives, but we certainly missed our games. As we mentioned in the intro post to no-game week, we have found board games and card games to be an excellent way to spend time together, relax, talk about our day, and still be slightly productive (working our brains, planning strategies, and such). But we still thought we would be able to find other ways to accomplish the same thing. We were only partly successful this week.

We both did more reading. It was a great opportunity for us to take advantage of the extra time and cover more ground in the current books we are exploring. But reading is a bit of a solo sport. It was nice to sit together, be with one another, and spend time reading. But we definitely missed the connection we had through our evening games.

We did spend some extra time cleaning and organizing, but if we are completely honest there is only so much cleaning and organizing you can do at the end of a long day. We had some pretty solid thirty minute spurts. I think we even pushed ourselves and cleaned for a full hour, but that was not something we wanted to spend our entire evening doing.

One of the biggest things we are learning throughout our #52weekswithout journey is the value and importance of balance. If we only read books, play games, or watch TV, that is not making the most of our time. Conversely, we need to make sure we are not constantly pushing ourselves and only doing things that require excessive amounts of brain power and energy. Trying to balance learning, relaxing, creating, resting, and simply doing things for fun is difficult. But we are learning that as we have more balance with productivity and relaxation, we are able to do more with our time.

We are definitely excited to incorporate games back into our evenings. But we also want to be better at balancing our time. We want to make time for the cleaning and organizing that needs to be done, as well as recognizing when we need to slow down and rest.

What are some small things that you have found to be very important in your life? It could be an activity, hobby, or event. We would love a snapshot into your life and the things you are using to balance the complexities of life.

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