Week 12: All Fun, No Games?

Week 12 is upon us! And this week may be sad, boring, and funless, because we are going without GAMES.

“Games? How much do games affect your day to day life?” you may ask. Well, we are a little old fashioned. We do not have a PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, or whatever other gaming systems exist these days. But we do love a good card game. Scrooge and Phase 10 are two of our favorites. We purchased Scrabble a few weeks ago with a gift card and have been enjoying that as well. There are several other games we enjoy playing on a semi-regular basis. Most of the games are either word games, strategic card games, or trivia games. The more we share on this subject the more we realize that we sound like a bunch of old farts.

Be that as it may, we have found that board games, card games, and the like are great when we want to spend time together without mindlessly watching television. They are also great when we want to feel somewhat productive but are too tired to do the dishes or fold laundry. Exercise that brain!

But this week, no games are allowed. Including, against our innate wishes, games on our phones.

Joshua loves Wordscapes. Bethany loves Alto’s Adventure. These are not super strategic games. We enjoy playing them when we have a bit of down time and we want to be slightly productive. This week, they are not allowed. Both of us considered deleting the games from our phones, but unfortunately we would lose all our progress. Call us uncommitted to the cause, but it’s really hard to make Alto do a triple back-flip. Let’s not relive that level.

So what shall we do instead of games? The goal is definitely not to watch more Netflix. We already figured out that there are much better ways to spend our time thanks to our week without the streaming service. This week, we hope to do more reading. We are both in the middle of some great books: Counter Culture by David Platt for Josh and The Gospel Comes With a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield for Bethany. We also hope to do some more organizing and de-cluttering in our house. There are a few books still unshelved and one or two boxes still packed. We may even get a little crazy and spend our evenings going for long walks solving all major problems in our world. The possibilities are endless.

We are excited to see how much more productive we can be this week. We don’t necessarily think our games make us unproductive, but we always find that removing things from our lives opens up the possibilities for us to utilize our time in a different way.

We have a feeling there will be a night or two where we don’t feel like being productive and want to play a game instead. But we are going to fight to maximize the additional moments this week and see what comes of it. Details to follow.

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