Week 11: Stoveless

The week of going without our stove-top is complete! We each had different experiences this past week. This is starting to become the standard. We are realizing that there are few things in our lives that are used equally between the two of us. It was another week that was more difficult for one of us and not so much the other.

Our lunches this week ended up being easier than we expected. We had a decent amount of leftovers to carry us through the week, plus Josh had a lunch or two provided for him at work. Bethany was also off on Friday which allowed her to take the extra time she needed to prep something in the oven. Because our lunches were good to go we did not have to prepare rice in the slow-cooker, although Bethany still wants to try it sometime!

Dinner this week was also simpler than we had expected. Sunday evenings after church we generally eat something really quick like cereal or mini lunchmeat wraps (yes, we know it is weird, but we usually aren’t very hungry at all). Monday was our anniversary and the start of Josh’s new job, so we went to our favorite restaurant in the Inner Harbor, Kona Grill, to celebrate. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we had salad for dinner. Friday we made “homemade” pizza on naan flatbread, and tonight we are probably doing something quick again because we had a long busy day!

Breakfast, however, was a challenge. Remember in our last post we mentioned that we were going to make hard-boiled eggs that night (Saturday) so Josh was set for the large part of his upcoming breakfasts? Well, we forgot. So he had to make do without fluffy scrambled eggs on the stove AND delicious grab-and-go hard-boiled eggs. He made eggs this week in the microwave instead! The texture was slightly disconcerting, but he did learn a few tricks this week when it comes to making “poached” eggs in the microwave.

First of all, expect the texture to be a bit more grainy than normal. To combat the odd texture he used a little extra cheddar and bacon. He also learned that it is quite necessary to coat the inside of the glass bowl with either butter or cooking spray. Without it, the eggs stuck to the sides and were quite challenging to eat. Monday morning was a bit of a fiasco. The third thing he learned was that making eggs in the microwave can help speed up his morning routine. He was able to set the microwave and work on preparing his lunch. This was the biggest pro to come from our week without a stove-top.

Other minor inconveniences came when we were not able to crisp up some onions for one of our lunches. We also had to use the oven instead of the stove top to crisp up some tortilla strips for our salads. Again, these were only mild inconveniences. We were able to find a work-around or forgo the item altogether.

This week was not super challenging at all. Using our stove-top is very convenient, but we believe we could make things work if it went on the fritz or we had to wait for it to be repaired. That being said, we are very thankful to have a working stove-top and plan on incorporating it back into the mix during this upcoming week.

Another thought we had was that this week may have been an anomaly. Things could have been more difficult on another week. We think this past week would have been worse without the salads for dinners and adequate leftovers for lunch.

Thank you for continuing to follow our journey. Feel free to ask questions, make comments, suggest items we could give up, and let us know your thoughts on the concept of going without in general.

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