Week 11: No Stove-top

Week eleven is upon us. This week we are giving up the use of our stove-top. We will still be able to use our oven and microwave to heat food, but use of the top burners is off limits.

We are not totally sure how this week is going to turn out. We are going without our stove on what we call “salad week.” Every other week our dinner schedule includes lots of salad. During salad week we eat salad for dinner Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. This always follows our weekend grocery shop trip (every other weekend) so the lettuce doesn’t get wilty or yucky.

We believe doing salad week at the same time as no-stove week will help meals be slightly less difficult than if Bethany had to whip up a stove-less meal every night. However, we are sure there will be other challenges.

For example, this past week Bethany wrote on her personal blog about how we meal-prep. Meal preparation for the week is going to be very difficult if we cannot use the stove-top to prepare our rice for lunches. Luckily, we did find a recipe to make basmati rice in the slow-cooker, so we are going to attempt that. Wish us luck! Ordinarily we would try to take care of that the Saturday before, but we have been away this weekend and have other meal prep things to take care of tonight.

Every morning before Joshua goes to work, he makes a sort of scrambled-omelet type thing for his breakfast. But not this week. Tonight (Saturday evening) we will be making hard-boiled eggs for Joshua to eat in the mornings for his breakfast. We brainstormed about potentially making eggs in the oven either on a sheet man or in muffin tins, and also mentioned the possibility of using the microwave to “poach” eggs in the morning. (Bethany sometimes prefers this since it’s so quick.) But we think hard-boiled eggs will be the best way to go. Easy to prep, easy to grab in the morning. And if he does turkey bacon or toast in the mornings to beef up his meal, he uses other appliances to heat/cook those. So that shouldn’t be an issue.

Bethany generally does not utilize the stove in the mornings for her breakfast, so this should not be an issue for her. But meals on Sunday, as well as dinner Thursday through Saturday, will definitely provide a challenge. Whatever she makes for dinner usually involves sauteed onions and garlic. It makes a great flavor base for whatever she ends up making. But this week, no sauteeing allowed.

Our lunches typically consist of rice, black beans, and chicken. We already mentioned how we plan to cook the rice, and the black beans have already been made. All we have to do is make the chicken in the crock pot and we are set.

Those are the plans we have in place to face this week without the use of our stove-top. Again, we aren’t too sure how things are going to turn out. There could be some massively difficult or just slightly inconvenient challenges that we have not planned for. As far as we can tell, we have planned ahead to be prepared for all our meals. We are confident in our plan, but you will have to check back next week to see if it actually works.

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