Week 10 Recap: A Single Car Family

This was a very interesting week to say the least. Living life with two jobs and one life was definitely a challenge. But overall we really enjoyed the week and the extra time we spent together.

Before we get into the details of the week we do need to admit that we cheated a tiny bit. The car we were using this week actually broke down and had to be put in the shop for some repairs. So we did use both cars for the drop off and pick up process. But other than those few minutes we only used one car all week.

As we mentioned in the previous post the biggest adjustment came with our daily schedules. Bethany had to get up earlier most mornings to to make sure she was able to get Joshua to work on time. She also had to wait in the parking lot for him to be done at the end of the work day.

Monday was by far the toughest day of the week. Bethany went in to work an hour and a  half earlier than normal. The plan was for the week was for Bethany to drop Joshua off before she went to work, so he had to get to work two hours earlier than he normally does. Monday was definitely a longer work day.

We dropped the car off at the mechanic’s shop on Tuesday evening and picked it up Thursday after work. We had to drive all the way home on Tuesday to grab our other car to be able to make the drop off happen. We really did want to go the whole week without driving separately, but circumstances were a bit out of our control.

But this really got us thinking. What do families with just one vehicle do when they have car troubles? We are blessed to have two vehicles. It was nice to be able to stretch the rules for the week to accommodate the repair our vehicle needed. It would have been much more difficult if we only had one vehicle by necessity instead of by choice. If you are a family that drives one car out of necessity we would love to hear how you make it work when you have car troubles or you encounter a situation that would require two vehicles for your family.

We also understand that the challenge may have been a bit easier for us because we are a young married couple with no children yet. We know that having kids, or having the mother in a stay-at-home type of role, would add a whole other level of complexity. Any people with one car and kids please share your experience. We would love to hear about the struggles and successes you have experienced.

This entire concept of having just one vehicle is very appealing to us. There is something safe about having a second vehicle and being able to have a fall back in case of emergency. However, it is also really nice to only have to pay for insurance, gas, and repairs for just one vehicles.

As we mentioned last week we have done research into this idea for a little bit. We would love to hear any kind of feedback from you. If you have lived this way or if you know someone that has please feel free to share the pros and cons that were experienced.

It is so easy to tell ourselves that we NEED two vehicles. But we definitely see some pros of living with just one.

The thing we enjoyed most about the week was the extra time we spent together. We spent more time together in the morning before work. We had extra time to talk during our commute to work. We were able to discuss the events of the day during our commute home from work. That left us open to work on dinner together and enjoy our evening with each other. The extra time together was really special.

But we also see how that could be a potential con in the long-term. Sometimes it is nice to have 20 or 30 minutes alone in the car after work to switch from work mode to at-home mode. It is a great opportunity to prepare your mind to block out some of the stresses from work and just focus on being together with your spouse and family. Bethany does some of her best thinking and brainstorming on her evening commute with some solid folk music playing in the background.

If we did move toward becoming a one car family we know there would be other adjustments to our schedules. This week without our extra vehicle was merely a glimpse into the world one-car living. We have discussed doing it again in the future to gain even more insight to some pros and cons for our lives specifically. We will keep you updated if we decide to do that in the future.

This upcoming week should be a little more relaxed. There will be some interesting workarounds, but you will have to check out the next post to see more in terms of specifics.

Thank you for continuing to follow us during our #52weekswithout adventure.



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