Week 10: This Is Not A Drive-By

This particular challenge we planned very early on. It is a one we have been looking forward to. We know it will be arduous, but we also believe that this week could potentially be fun and enjoyable. It is going to take some rearranging of schedules and adjustments to our lives, but we are going to do it.

This week we are giving up one of our cars. Now, to clarify, we are not giving up both vehicles. We each have a 30-minute commute. We wanted to do a week with absolutely no car, but we were unable to find a way to make that happen without cheating, being on vacation, or a different outlandish workaround.

Our plan this week is to use just one car for both of us to accomplish our normal weekly tasks and such. We are blessed that our current jobs start at different times. Joshua starts work around 8:30 AM every morning. Bethany starts at 9 AM. And it just so happens that our places of employment are about 25 minutes away from each other. So the morning commute should work out.

Pick-up after work will require flexibility and adjustment, but we will share our solution in the follow-up post. The other challenge comes if either one of us has something planned that is a solo activity. Since we would require the car, that would either strand the other spouse at home or necessitate a ride from someone else.

There are still several issues up in the air. We will have to shift a few things during the week to make sure we are both able to accomplish our basic weekly responsibilities, as well as additional things we have planned.

On Thursday, Joshua will be off from work. He is still finalizing his plans for the day. But he will either be stuck at home, ask a friend for a ride, or spend a good amount of time walking to wherever he decides to adventure that day.

We both really have no idea what to expect this week. It could be really easy with the few adjustments we already have planned. It could also prove quite difficult. We foresee growth in patience this week while we may have to wait to be picked up by our ride.

We have read several articles that discuss the ideas of living with a single vehicle. See articles here, here, and here. There are some big pros and some big cons as well. At this point in time we are not planning to become a one car family, but we are very intrigued with the concept. We hope this week will give us a nice snapshot of the pros and cons that relate directly to our specific situation.

We have received unique feedback from those with whom we have shared this concept. Some think it will be fun. A few have said it is impossible for most families to function with one car in the current day and age in which we live. Others think we are just plain insane. (Let’s be honest: some think we are insane for doing #52weekswithout in general.) This could be the more accurate inference. Either way we are excited to see how this challenge will impact our lives.

Please let us know your thoughts. We would appreciate any feedback, ideas, or helpful tips you think of. Also remember, we are always accepting ideas for things to give up throughout the rest of the year. Thank you for following along and supporting us on this crazy adventure of #52weekswithout.

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