Week 8 Recap: We Missed YouTube

What a dull week we just experienced! Life was a little more dreary and boring. But we survived, and we definitely learned some things.

As we mentioned last week, Joshua loves YouTube. It is a multi-purpose platform for him. He uses it to listen to music, podcasts, and a variety of videos. It is a great place to learn just about anything, from changing the oil in your car to proper deadlift form to cooking tips and tricks.

It is a visual search engine of almost unlimited knowledge. That being said, it is also a deep hole of comedy videos and top 10 gym fails. It is possible to use YouTube for information and education, or to use it to just kill time. The latter is quite dangerous.

Work for Joshua this week was a lot quieter and more dull. He usually has some kind of music/podcast/video playing in the background while he works. He found that he was a bit more productive at work throughout the week. But he also found himself getting burnt out during the day. His job as a digital marketer and advertiser is a very creative position. It takes a lot of brain power.

Joshua finds he is most productive during his work day with a quick 60 to 90 second break every 30 minutes or so. You may think taking breaks frequently would limit productivity. However, the quick breaks are perfect to give his mind a break before diving back into the creative problem-solving required for his job. (Don’t believe us? Check out this article about it, one of MANY proving that breaks are important!)

Throughout the week Joshua used Spotify for music and other sites for his podcasts. Joshua and Bethany share a Spotify account, so they were unable to have the music playing at the same time. This meant that when Bethany had a break at work while her little one napped, Joshua listened to a lot of podcasts. Joshua loves podcasts. He  loves the different concepts that are discussed. It is a great way to learn new things or hear familiar topics discussed from a different perspective. But it also requires a certain level of concentration to get the most out of the topics being covered. He found that it became more difficult to listen to podcasts later in the day when his brain was more tired.

All in all, Joshua realized how much YouTube can be a distraction. In the upcoming weeks he wants to use his time more intentionally. He will be setting time limits for YouTube and daily goals for podcast and music time. It will be very beneficial to spread out the different avenues he is using to learn and grow his knowledge.

He is also going to work on spending more time with silence. There is nothing wrong with working in silence. It may be boring, but it is also a great opportunity for our minds to run wild and solve the problems in the world around us.

Bethany, on the other hand, had a fairly normal week. As we mentioned previously, she normally uses YouTube during her lunch break for some funny videos. She will also use it sporadically throughout the week to look up videos related to politics, current events, or minimalist tips. She was able to use her lunch break to do some research, work on her personal blog, and work on a few other helpful tasks.

The difficulty for her came in sharing the Spotify with Joshua during the day. But she adjusted her music listening schedule and made it work during the week. YouTube for her can be a time vacuum, but she does not usually overuse it or let it take over her afternoon. Her little guy’s naptime is only so long and there are so many other ways to spend her break!

A week without YouTube was a great reminder for us of the potential dangers that can come when we just turn on a video and mindlessly watch. Being productive is not always easy. It takes brain power, intentional decisions, and persistence. But all of those things are beneficial. We encourage you to look at the things in your life that may be stopping you from accomplishing things throughout your day. Maybe giving them up for a week will help you be more mindful as you go throughout your daily routine.

Keep up with out #52weekswithout challenge. Next week won’t be as sweet as we might like.

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