Week 8: No YouTube

This is another one of the weeks Joshua has been dreading. A week of no YouTube.

Joshua uses YouTube almost constantly while he is at work. He works for a digital marketing and advertising agency. He spends most of his work day on the computer doing research, planning, and building Google and Bing advertising campaigns. It is easy for the tasks to get monotonous and a bit dull. To combat the dullness Joshua likes to listen to music, podcasts, informative videos, or just funny stuff. He uses YouTube for all of these things.

YouTube is a great source of information and knowledge. Joshua likes being able to learn new things while still accomplishing his daily tasks. Giving up YouTube this week is going to be tough. A few of the podcasts he listens to have websites of their own. He will be utilizing the sites for access to the podcasts. He may use Spotify for music throughout the work day. He isn’t sure about that yet. But the toughest time will be during lunch. He loves to watch funny sketch comedy videos. Instead he may try reading or simply staring out the window and watching traffic go by while he eats his lunch.

Bethany doesn’t really use YouTube all that much. Sometimes during her lunch break she’ll watch some Studio C or America’s Got Talent auditions (the horrible or embarrassing ones are her favorite). She will probably spend her lunch break on Instagram or reading a novel.

Every now and again we will watch a funny video or two together. That is not allowed this week! No YouTube may mean no laughter in our home this week. Kidding. We have plenty of funny stories and jokes to last a lifetime.

This week will be very interesting. We are interested to see if the lack of YouTube will impact Joshua’s productivity at work, either positively or negatively. We are also interested to see how difficult giving it up for one week will be. Several of our weekly challenges are meant to help us see if one specific thing is taking up too much of our time or focus.

Going without YouTube could force us both to read more blogs or even news sites. We could spend more time reading and writing on our personal blog sites. We do not want to simply replace the time spent on YouTube with time just spent on other social media sources. We want to be intentional with our time and seek to learn more and grow in wisdom.

Let us know what you think about the challenge this week. Is YouTube something that would be tough for you to give up? What is the thing that you do throughout the day to keep yourself occupied when things get a bit boring?

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