Week 6 in Review: No Blow Dryer, No Hope

Week six was tough. We had never really taken time to stop and think about the helpful convenience our blow dryer lends to our lives. It makes our morning routines much faster and overall  more streamlined. Functioning this week without the blow dryer was more annoying than anything else. It required more time to get ready in the mornings, a change in our morning routines, and some days we had to just roll with our appearance whether we were done getting ready or not.

Bethany was able to be creative and function very well without her blow dryer. She rocked a ponytail, messy bun, she even let the curls run wild with some mousse. As we predicted last week, she was able to find ways to get ready, stick to her normal routine, and still walk out the door looking gorgeous.

Joshua, on the other hand, struggled big time. He uses the blow dryer every morning after his shower. It helps get his beard dry in less than 30 seconds. This allows him to be dressed and ready to leave about 8 minutes after getting out of the shower. Without the blow dryer Joshua had to let his beard air dry. He ended up with a tangled-up, knotty mess of a facial forest.

If Joshua worked in a service-based, physical style job, the crazy beard would have been no problem. But with his office job there is a certain dress code and expectation when it comes to appearance. It was much more difficult to maintain proper physical appearance this week without the blow dryer.

Another issue that cropped up was increased beard dryness. Without the blow dryer to help Joshua’s beard dry correctly it increased the difficulty level of beard oil application. This made his beard much drier all week. It also made his face quite itchy. He came close to trimming the whole thing off, but he reminded himself that he need only suffer for one week.

We are both excited to have the blow dryer back in the rotation. It will allow our morning routines to get back to normal. Bethany may still skip it on occasion in favor of a more creative hairstyle. But Joshua is planning to use the blow dryer as a part of his routine for the foreseeable  future.

This week without definitely helped us appreciate our blow dryer more. What is one small electronic (not counting your phone) that you would struggle to live without?

Check out Week 7. It is going to be epic!!



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