Week 5 in Review: Spoonless!

We made it through the week without using spoons! The response we’ve gotten from this specific challenge has been very interesting. More this week than previous weeks, people have questioned why we chose to give up this specific item. The main reasons are, one, we wanted to see if we could do it. And two, we also hoped that giving up a daily “essential” would help us be more grateful for the small thing we so easily take for granted.

So we did do it, mostly. We had to get creative when it came to making coffee or tea. Bethany used a butter knife to precariously deliver sugar from the container to her cup of tea and also to stir. Joshua just skipped the sugar altogether and used agave instead so he could easily squeeze it into his coffee.

When we ate cereal, Josh used a cup so it was easier to drink, and Bethany used a fork until it was almost gone and then drank the milk.

We were afraid to give soup a go. Neither one of us is incredibly coordinated. We think drinking the soup would have worked, but it also could have burned our faces off. So we skipped it altogether for our personal safety.

The issue came when Bethany made homemade bread. Baking is very precise, and measurements must be made to ensure the correct and delicious outcome. We say “issue” because Bethany caved. She did use the measuring spoons. And the bread turned out delicious. So maybe this was cheating. We will leave the decision up to YOU.

Also, when Bethany was at work, she had to feed her munchkin with a spoon. It’s hard to transport mashed kiwi/spinach/kale from the jar to his mouth with a fork. Plus he would have gotten confused. We also decided to allow Bethany to use spoons when feeding her little dude because it is the art of the job. Spoons are a tool of the trade when it comes to feeding at 18 month old little boy.

All in all, it is possible to survive without spoons. It is very difficult to bake without spoons. If we had a super precise baking scale that allowed us to scoop ingredients out and weigh the specific amounts, that would be helpful.

The biggest thing we learned this week is how many times and various ways we use spoons. We had to catch ourselves at least 15 times throughout the day and find a solution to all of our scooping, spreading, stirring, swirling, and spooning needs.

Spoons are a very small thing that make our lives so much simpler. We are thankful to have spoons back in the rotation for the upcoming week. We even have soup planned for one of the nights this week.

Check the next post to see what we are giving up for week 6.

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