Week 5: There Go The Spoons

With week four behind us it is time to step things up a notch and really test our fortitude. This week we are giving up spoons and spoon-like objects. This includes, but is not limited to, ladles, serving spoons, soup spoons, sporks, and anything else we can think of that could function as a spoon.

So far this year we have given up items that affect our lives in different ways. Giving up spoons may be the most practical, functional object we have given up this far. We know it is possible to function and survive without spoons, but we both believe it is going to be frustrating and lead to a variety of difficulties in our daily lives.

Life without spoons means eating soup, stirring our coffee, munching some cereal, and a hundred other little things will be a little bit harder than usual. It is not something we are excited to experience, but we both hope this experience will give us a greater appreciation for the small things in life.

We are pretty sure that we will not be giving up all of our spoons in the future. The experiment this week is not meant to show us an area where we can cut back or downsize. We both agree spoons are a basic necessity in the traditional American household. Our hope for this week is a greater appreciation for the small things in life.

It is easy to take the basic essentials of our daily lives for granted. Utensils for our food are things we have used since we were born. But there are people all across the world who eat without utensils or maybe they only have one full set of utensils to use. Maybe this week will inspire us to use less dishes on a weekly basis. Maybe we we will find that we don’t need as many utensils as we currently have. Maybe we will only learn to appreciate our spoons every time we use them in a basic, daily activity in the future.

We don’t really know what to expect. But we will share our experiences in the follow up to this post. We encourage you to appreciate the small things in your life this week. Take notice of the things that you use every day. Recognize the items you couldn’t imagine living without and maybe take a moment to be thankful for these things.

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