Week 4: No Spotify

This week is going to be one of the weeks that affects one of us more than the other.

Bethany listens to Spotify ALL the time. On the commute to work, during the entire day at work with her little guy (the family she nannies has an Alexa), on the drive home, and often while getting ready in the mornings or preparing dinner.  Now that we see it all typed out like that, we realize how much of a problem she might have.

Joshua, though it is technically “his” account, does not listen to Spotify nearly as much. He’s much more of a YouTube or NPR guy. He prefers podcasts or comedy. He listens to Spotify at work and sometimes during a workout, but he can usually find something on YouTube or the radio that is just as good. We don’t think this week will be as tough for him. But we could be wrong.

When we first discussed what to not use this week, there was the possibility of forgoing music altogether. But we realized that music is a gift in life, whereas Spotify is a convenience in life. It would be absolutely wrong to ban music completely. But what if we had to make do with no instant music at our fingertips with no advertisements, no unending list of artists and infinite streaming? What if we were not able to select the specific song or album we wanted when we wanted it? These questions and more will be answered this week (by mostly Bethany and her breaking heart).

So what shall we do in place of Spotify? The radio in the car will probably get more use. Perhaps there will be more singing in the house. Most likely there will be more singing at work as Bethany entertains her little one and fills the silence devoid of joyful tunes.

Now before you flip out at the injustice of this all, keep in mind that we have weeks in the future that will be more difficult for Josh. It is tough to find 52 activities, possessions, or other things that affect both of us equally. This week Josh will be able to help and encourage Bethany as she struggles to go without something very useful in her daily life. Other weeks Josh will need Bethany to provide the encouragement for him to give something up.

We have already seen this year long adventure having an impact in our lives. Sometimes it helps us be more mindful and intentional with our time. Other times we are made more thankful for certain things after having to give them up. We are excited to see what the rest of the year holds.

Pray for Bethany and the silence this week.


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