Week 3: Debrief

Life without our toaster was not all that bad. It was a little inconvenient in the mornings. We had to get creative with our toast and bagels, but we were able to make it work.

Luckily Josh doesn’t eat a lot of bread for breakfast. Bethany had to be a little more strategic with her breakfast meal plans. Several days she switched her customary half a bagel and cup of tea for a cup of oatmeal or cereal. On the days she did decide to have her bagel or toast she toasted it up on the skillet.

The skillet really added some additional flavor that is not usually present from a typical run in the toaster. It made the bagel even more delicious than usual.

There was only one evening where we wanted to use the toaster and we decided to make a different kind of snack to keep things quick and easy.

Overall the week reminded us of the convenience of living with a toaster. It is a small thing and it is easy to let it go by unnoticed. But the toaster actually does make things easier in the mornings.  We are thankful to have this small appliance back in the rotation for the week ahead.

Speaking of that, keep your eyes open to see what we will be giving up for week 4.

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