Week 3: Life Untoasted

Time to be honest!

We are entering our third week of this 52 week challenge and it has already been a little tougher than we thought. Navigating the complexities of the weekly challenges along with some additional life and work stress has made things quite interesting.

Don’t worry, we aren’t giving up. We actually thought this might happen. That is why we picked a few challenges that would give us a little bit of a break from the super tough weeks. We built in challenges that we are assuming won’t be as tough. This is one such challenge.

We are giving up our toaster this week. We know this will make mornings a little bit more challenging without a device to toast our bread and bagels. But we can get creative with the skillet or just go without toasted breakfast dough this week.

We rarely use our toaster in the evenings, so we don’t foresee this adding too much difficulty to our lives. But we thought the same thing about the week with just water. So this week could definitely have some surprises in store.

If you haven’t joined us in one of our challenges this is the perfect opportunity to start small and try a week without. If you don’t own a toaster or use one at all feel free to give up ice cubes, your microwave, or something else small.

These life experiments have been incredible so far. We are enjoying challenging ourselves and seeing what things we NEED, and what things we can continue to do without. Please let us know if you decide to join in!

2 thoughts

  1. You guys have really inspired me to think out of the box on this “going without” mindset. On top of that a recent podcast got me thinking about something in particular that I should try going without. So, I’m going a month without eating out. I’m hoping to be able to go longer, but for now I’ll go month to month. I’m interested to see what a difference, if any, it makes in my life especially with regard to our bank account. 😊

    Thanks for inspiring me to try going without.

    Btw, still going without Netflix.


    1. Glad to hear that you are being inspired. It is encouraging for us to hear this kind of feedback. We are impressed that you are still going without Netflix. Praying for strength as you go without dining out. Be strong!


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