What About The Weeks We Can’t Give Something Up Completely?

Some people have come up with crazy challenges for us this year. It has been suggested we go without water for a week, or go without clothes as one of our challenges. Clearly, we can’t do either of those. But that brings up the question, “What will we do on the weeks when we are limiting something instead of completely giving up?”

We’re glad you asked. There will be a few weeks where we will be going without additional items. We will be living with the most stripped down version of a thing.

We realize that if we go without water for a week, we will most likely die. So one week, we are going to try to go without hot water. We are doing without a luxury item. Early morning icy showers are going to be brutal!

Another example, in terms of clothing, will be our week without additional clothing/ outfits. We will pick either a set number of clothing, or total outfits, and wear just those items throughout the week.

The same will apply when we “go without shoes”. We will be going without all but one pair of shoes. (Unfortunately, as much as Hobbit-at-heart Bethany would love to go shoe-less, we can’t really do that in the world we live in.)

Other examples include doing without multiples or duplicates of a thing. One week we plan to only use one vehicle instead of the two we own. We will attempt to do all of our normal weekly things without the convenience of a second vehicle

Other weeks will be experiments in not heating our food in various ways. Even though we may not be able to use the stove top for a particular week, that doesn’t mean we can’t use the oven or microwave. Other heating options will be available. Again, our goal is not to have a terrible year in 2019. We simply want to push the boundaries, get creative, and look at our lives from a different perspective.

We are talking about, possibly, close to the end of the year, trying to do without heating up food completely: no oven, stove, microwave, toaster, dragon, fire pit. Actually, we might use a fire pit. But there is definitely a possibility for combo challenges.

We hope this is just to give you a heads up on a few of the challenges ahead. Again, we will do our best to outline any unique or specific details for a challenge in the pre-challenge post. As always, if you have any questions, recommendations, thoughts, etc. feel free to message us on Instagram or us the Contact Us page on our website.


P.S. We’d love to try roughing it completely sometime. It would be nice to spend a few days in the woods, in a tent without the majority of our modern conveniences. But it may not be for the full seven days and it may not happen any time soon. We will see. Ciao!

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