#52WeeksWithout Challenge Basic Guidelines

This upcoming week begins our year long challenge to do without individual items one week at a time. We are super excited for the adventure that awaits. We hope you are excited to follow along and see how each challenge affects our lives.

Now you may be wondering what the rules are. Every challenge needs a set list of rules for the participants and outside viewers to be able to determine if the challenge was a success or failure. We will lay out our basic rules for each of the challenges that lay ahead.

Please keep in mind that each challenge may have a unique set of guidelines, caveats, and possible exceptions. However this is the basic structure we will seek to follow with each challenge.

  1. Each challenge will start on Sunday when we wake up and continue until the following Saturday at midnight.
  2. Specific exceptions can be made for the sake of our jobs. Any exception for the week will be clearly laid out via social media or blog post.
  3. Whenever we release the item we will be giving up, we are open to specific rules or guideline suggestions from you. Help us keep ourselves from cheating!
  4. If we fail purposefully or accidentally, we will notify you guys via Instagram and possibly via blog post.
  5. Some of the weeks may seem easier than others. Our goal is not to make 2019 the most difficult year of our lives. We merely want to push our limits.
  6. These general guidelines are subject to change over the course of our journey. Any changes or updates will be added to this post. We will do our best to bring the changes to your attention via social media.

Feel free to recommend guidelines you would like to see us add to this basic list. Any legitimate suggestion will be carefully considered. This is all brand new for us. There will be a significant amount of learning as we go.




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